We all want a miracle. Many of us have had some spiritual experience. When someone other than our selves, have a different spiritual experience, we suddenly think differently about that person. They all of a sudden become strange. But when you had an experience, you wanted to be believed. We are all such hypocrites. Me? Yes, I've fallen victim to this hypocrisy, too. This hypocrisy is woven into the fabric of the universe. You can see it at work in any subject.

ASK ME YOUR WEIRD QUESTIONS.  You've read a bout tingling sensations, you've read about other crazy stuff. You hesitate to ask because others will definitely call you crazy because, well, it has not happened to them so it is not possible for it to happen. IG trancediva is where I am for you to ask about this stuff. 

All of my life, I never followed the crowd. To this day, I still follow my own drummer. Actually, it became fun to watch others get upset by it. I do nothing and I effect their life. So, why not have more free fun, since others are allowing it. So, when you see something, a product, that just might not be balanced, it is on purpose.

     Somewhere along the way, we've become obsessed with perfection. Some get addicted to plastic surgery, some never even needed it. Too many are not happy in their own skin. No, I did not say that it's wrong to do it, there are many reasons to do it and it's not for me to say. These are my own thoughts. Take myself, I work out for my butt but my boobs, there were no exercises to tighten the skin and plus, new boobs were my reward for breast feeding! I might be a grandma but I refuse to have grandma boobs! This was planned out before I even had my sons. What I am saying it that I love going against the grain at times. I enjoy being different, being myself. Social media, millions of photos taken to later post as if they're living a party life, deep fake photos and depression everywhere from trying to 'keep up' and now feeling 'less than'. It deeply hurts my heart even though I do not know you.

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