sometimes we are much happier when we stop trying to be so perfect & end trying to be like every one else. no need to try and be perfect, just be the best you that you can be - doing everything for the greater good - and you will be perfect! So, what about this website, how do all of these things come together? Welcome to my brain.

My brain is always thinking of something different on how I can make something even better. How can I kick this up a notch, like going to the beach, what could I possibly take that will keep the trip awesome? It kind of sucks royally no mater how small the item is that you forgot to bring. Some people see it as though I don't know what I want. I like to think that having a brain that goes everywhere brings on creativity. LIKE minds are minds that never seen to 'shut down'. Our brains seen like non stop, filing on what we forgot to do, need to do, best way to go about the doing and on and on. We are elevated, enlightened minds who are in the 'college' phase of the physical life on earth. Our minds are closer to or are farther in to enlightenment and in no way does this mean that we are any better, this simply means that our minds are closer to remembering our spirit selves. Other minds are in other school grades. Our jobs are to be good brothers and sisters by helping others to remember, just like others have helped us. My products, like my mind, is all over the place, so when others see you wearing these items that give a certain thought process, one will recognize it, realize that they are not alone.
Understanding the thought process, the person can use that as an opener to a conversation that conveniently leans towards the subject of enlightenment so we can join together and work towards bringing peace, happiness & love for our spiritual family - all earthly beings - back to the world.

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