Personal Benefits Of Being A Healer

    Awakened spirit brings a ton of stuff, baggage & perks. Let's chat perks today  It's really hard to choose which of the benefits that I'd love to say I like more so I'm just gonna throw him out at random.
     No more alarm clock whatever time I want to get up I just say to my spirit that's the time I need to get up boom. But if I need to do this and this then you wake me up at what time is best and then I'll take it from there boom and it always works out!. No more alarm clock needed. Bu then again there are no more excuses to not getting up early to work out and take care of our spirits house. It's like a (loving) nagging mom. I'm awake, what? I don't have anything that's pressing. I can chill. Oh, yeah, lay there and do nothing? ( twenty laughing emoji's right here). Pus out and meditate but it's not like you are foolin' anyone. Get up and be productive in some way.
     One of the other things I love very much is this energy, my energy, my high energy to do everything that I need to accomplish and if I don't do it it's big simply because have it because habit. Over so many years you have habits and they create patterns in your brain just like you wear out a carpet or a path in the grass the same thing happens to everyone's brain. I'm used to the feeling of not wanting to do it (whatever it is), but I actually don't mind doing it. But the newness of having that feeling means that I also have to realize this. I'm so used to the feeling of not wanting to do something. Now that I can, the difficulty is to respond to the brain that, yeah, I'm gonna do it, though. And here we are again without an awesome excuse to not having done something in particular or not.
    I can give myself a facelift. Reiki my face to keep a wrinkle free glow.
   But to keep this going stress free, we MUST clear, recharge & keep it all in tip top condition by soaking up some energy. Sit in the window as you meditate so you can soak up some sun rays. Lightening storms, go out on the balcony or porch to soak in that amazing energy. Sitting at a traffic light, no more strategies to have the car in the shade as you wait, soak up that life force energy. You can't do what you gotta do 100 if your battery ain't charged and has corrosion on it.

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