Cho Ku Rei - Power Symbol & Dai Ko Myo- Master Symbol
Rape - Body Jerks - Arms & Hands Flung About
& yes more! You know the rest.
     As all of our fully detailed stories are both long and interesting to
help others, mine is, too. But I'm here to share something that worked for
me to end this activity. I have looked and looked but only read other questions.
I read Blogs that 'we are here to help' and never respond, just send newsletters
telling you of their classes, by the way! I'll end that there because again you
know the rest.
It DOES NOT MATTER if you are familiar with how to do reiki or not!
What matters is peace for you and your spirit! That my dear is what comes 1st.
Look these symbols up. Draw them on yourself for however long you feel the
need to do so while, of course, in prayer. Also, ask Archangel Michel to help
you with receiving / understanding of incoming information. Information will
be in whatever form it chooses, but will be in a way you yourself will understand.
I drew these on my forehead and my body.
Tag someone, share this. If you believe that we have spirits, then why not believe
that there are bad ones, too? Why not believe that perhaps a person has done this?
Does everything seem to go bad? Life is out to get you? Try this!
Lift that curse. Break that curse.
This is the quiet stuff that we do not hear about. Is this to make sure that people keep the answers for help behind money? My spirit woke without my realizing what was going on, meaning I had no clue about it's possibility. I had to read up. Then with the arm's getting flung, okay, more is happening here, what's up? Now, even before this happened, will I pay someone for a piece of paper to say God gave me something? Lol lmao and all of the other one's, no. Will I now, for these answers, no. I'm stubborn that way, maybe? Or, like you, are the answers within ourselves and we can't remember that part either? #unfair .  But if it is your intention to wake yours up hopefully, then I would say find someone who's spirit is already or yes, pay for a guided class because this part is scary forrealz. That is to say if your spirit, too, is a Kundalini one. HOWEVER; I will say that so far Kundalini is the only type of healing energy that comes with this issue. If there are other varieties, please, post, I'd love to read it. Something in it might click something in my head.
No bot will reply, I will, unless another loving & caring soul answers you 1st. And for those of you who join in to show love for all and answer others, I thank you, too, for sharing your flame.
♥ Trance Diva
Astral rape and sex by invisible entities  Link

The Kundalini power may give us our first or most unmistakable contact with the invisible world. The living energy makes their vibrant presence in our body and our psyche. They are fierce, powerful, mysterious and enticing.

The disciple may feel extreme emotion of repeated sex and rape by psycho-spiritual subtle bodies of this and outer world entities.

The subtle entities satisfy their sexual urges and gain spiritual power of kundalini energy earned by the disciple.

These types of sexual encounters in dreams or in trance state may induce distress, mental illness and psychosis in the disciple.

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