After The Kundalini Jerks I Get Proof That I AM Sane.

     I like to keep stuff short and sweet so here we go! This won't lose any thing by keeping it short.

     This is the 2nd day after I cleaned my spirit from something negative. I'd been a couple of places to do some energy work and I must not have cleaned my aura well enough. Something had attached to me. Through my experience I shared how to remove it should something like that happen to you. Even if you are not sure, try it. But anyway, I digress so let's get back to it, shall we? I was driving to work and needed gas. I set aside $31 to fill my tank. When I get there just grab and go. Knowing gas is higher right now, I set 31. I never get 31 unless it's every 3rd month when I put top quality in, to clean my engines throat (chakra lol!) But it's high right now. I thought to myself, it'd be funny (not ha ha funny) if it actually took the entire 31? Well, gas is high, so it should. Then I thought, if it takes the 31 then everything that happened to me really happened. I know that I am sane. I know that my spirit really did wake and I know that I really did have something bad attached to me. Okay

     Sitting in the drivers seat I hear the click of the pump handle letting me know that it's full. I got out, closed my door. My thoughts are taken from me seeing how gas leaked out from the tank. That does not happen. The handles are made stop any over flow. I had over flow. I had to look for the squeegee thing and paper towel, so not to leave gas on the paint. Just towels no water. Crap, my hands smell like gas now. Totally wiped mind, I look at the gas amount and how much it took. All $31. What? Oh, high price so it would take it. Nope. Gas here was about .10 less than I thought it'd be! So I should have had money to go get back. My tank would have to overflow to take it all now, since the money is going farther. My tank over flowed! I know for sure & there is no doubt. My spirit allowed gas to leak, something that does not happen, has happened, making sure that there was no doubt in my answer. I am sane. I was a hero. I saved my spirit & myself from a negative energy ♥ (cheese grin)

But I shared what I now, know in yesterdays blog.

Mind blown again.

Photo - Om = OM - Seals, purifies, protects & stabilizes the aura! Chant regularly to open & activate your 3rd eye

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